12 Healthy Ways to Do Around The House Today!

In every person’s lifestyle, there is a need to take a look of how one’s health is going. It is something we could all use a little more of. Aside from the physical aspects, health hints at wholeness, which is a counterpart of happiness and contentment in body and in mind. Choose to stay healthy in whichever real estate in the Philippines you are living in; whether at Ayala condos or a residential slot in Ayala land Nuvali and learn from these simple and happy tips for you!  

Create an interesting and healthy food

  Smoothies. Salads. Yogurt parfait. Any healthy food you can think of. Or you might want to try baking cookies or muffins for your family. In this way, you will not only enjoy the delicious food you are going to serve at your table, but at the same time, you are spending this quite intimate time with the family and learn new stuff altogether. So keep those baking trays, blenders and juicers right up!   Vitamin C+ copy


Sit still and enjoy your living room

  This might mean meditating. Yes, it could be. It could also mean just perfectly sitting still in the comfort of your home. You might also be missing out the fun of just contemplating, hassle-free and just slowing down for a minute or two. With the fast-paced lifestyle that is coming in and out, try taking a few breaths and take time to just be in the zone of the present.

Drink water

  Lots of it. It pays you more than ever you can think of. Water keeps you hydrated and it keeps your systems on the right track. It only takes just a few seconds or ten to pour that glass of water and drink it up. It gives much impact to your health if you drink more water. Make a habit and share the habit with your family.


Clean one small thing

  Making small and simple things one at a time can be a determination for you to be healthy. Well, if you would consider it chipping away at the larger routine, or just giving yourself a small task to tackle and successfully complete. You can start by dusting your cushion or shining you bathroom mirror, either way can help.

Organize a small spot

  Boost your feel-good vibes by picking a quick something you can do easily and without a lot of time. You can organize your box full of cartridges, your shoe rack, and a portion of your closet or your mail sorter. It can be something that you can do everyday, one portion of your house at a time. You don’t really need to have such burden anyway especially if your house is well organized in its general sense.

Dig in the dirt

  Maybe having a small garden will do at home. It pays to have plants to take care of at home. It gets your house so homey and green, which benefits you because of the environment and ambiance it brings. “Avid gardeners know that getting your hands dirty on the regular by playing with plans and tending to greenery has lasting health effects,” according to Adrienne Breux of apartmenttheraphy.com.  She shared that even if you are living in an apartment, you could have a little terrarium to play around in.  

Plan a vacation

  Vacation? Yes! The idea of it just sends in some happy hormones. And even if you cannot afford it as of the moment, just even planning a getaway will take you away from stress. It can do loads to making you a little happy. It would not hurt if you have a lot places you wanted to visit, just right them down and plan them out. You would never know when they would be realized; at least you have things to tick off your bucket list when the time comes.   VACAY


Laugh at something or with someone

  Laughter is the best medicine as they say. Yes, indeed! Whether you are just listening to a funny podcast while sweeping the floor or organizing one small thing, laughing helps you alleviate your stress. You can even invite a friend to come over and enjoy a cup of tea or hot chocolate, and have those funny talks spring up! Just go laugh it all out loud!

Play with your pet

  Having a pet is very beneficial and it is known to help lower blood pressure. If you are a dog lover, take time to enjoy your furry friend’s company, give and teach him some tricks; or that cat who just keeps on sitting on your keyboard. It isn’t the only one who would benefit from a few minutes of undivided attention. So take those toys out and have fun with your pets.

Get a good night’s sleep

  Rest up and give yourself some pampering. You deserve one—always. If you are at home, always take time to have that eight hours a day sleeping time to make you more clear-headed and happy! Grabbing that good night’s sleep is such a rewarding experience and it would make you even younger and cheerful!

Appreciate something about your home

  Tell yourself that you have done something remarkable for your home. And by doing so, it would actually become an instant affirmation that you have done a good job! Everyone needs to be appreciated and to appreciate in return. Maybe you have put up a DIY project in your house, let’s say an Instax wall gallery of your favorite collected photos from your travels and adventures or some DIY kitchen project you have made to make your house look more fantastic! Either way, appreciate something about your home or something you have successfully done to it. It would send you happy hormones!   Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 3.29.56 PM

Listen to some feel-good music

  Maybe while you are doing the laundry or cooking up some good meal for the family, listening to some feel-good music will help you calm your nerves and send in some happy hormones to boost yourself and keep you in a delightful shape. Music is a very good therapy since it can help you release stress especially when you get down with the beats and flow in with the rhythm. You can even dance or sway with it, anyway you want! So these are just some few and simple happy tips to keep your health in good shape! Keep these in mind and share these healthy ways to do at home to your friends and family! How about you, what are the little things that you daily do around the house that may help add to your health? Share those favorites out on the comments section below!