14 Common Thrift Store Finds That Can Be Used for DIY Projects at Home

For many of us who wanted to make our homes as personal and creative as possible, we always find ways to reach that goal. Say you are living in an apartment or renting a condo unit from one of the Ayala properties in the metro, and if the budget is up tight, there are instances where we brainstorm and make it to a point that we are not going to settle for mediocrity even if it means spending less. There are various ways on how to customize your home and with the many DIY inspiration projects that can be done from online sites such as Pinterest, there is no way you would not want those crazy hands of your become artsy fartsy busy. asda copyasda Here are some common thrift store finds that you can use for your DIY projects at home and be amazed on how you could make use of them.   1. Dishes   There are a lot of mismatched dishes that are in a different range of colors and style in any thrift shops. You can use these items to build a collection or a gallery in your empty wall, just enough to make it look more creative and special. Tip: You can hang a wall of plates, or make them into mirrors.   2. Cups   These are simple bargain finds that you can get from thrift stores or from you’re nearby department store. There are different colors and sizes and designs that would suit your taste, if you were lucky enough to find them. Tip: You can have them as display with saucers or you can use them as containers for your keys or handicraft items such as needles, pincushions or buttons.   3. Artwork   There are out-of-the-ordinary collections that you can find in thrift shops. If you are pushing for the abstracts or the lavishly painted work of art, you can find some of these items or ask a curator where you could find one and make use of. Tip: Decide first where you wanted to place an artwork when you come to find one at a thrift shop and imagine if it will suffice the ambience of your place.   4. Dining chair   Chairs are promptly the easiest things to find. Whether you are looking for a set or a single chair, dining chairs will be scooped up at second-hand shops, waiting. Tip: You can choose to repaint those chairs, or even opt for reupholstering to achieve a new look. Staining can also be an option, whichever works for you.   5. Dining tables   These come often with dining chairs and are also one of the simple thrift store items that you can find. They can be used for kitchens, dining rooms or repurposed desks. Tip: If the table needs some DIY love, try restyling it with paint, fabric or even a cute yet simple tablecloth to match up with your place.   6. Vinyl Player/Vinyl   These are must-have items that are very much difficult to find (just keep looking)! These are vintage pieces that are very classy if you are sporting an old-fashioned yet minimalist approach in styling your home. Tip: Vinyl and a vinyl player are very quaint items that should not be missed. If you want to have one on thrift stores, you can check online sites such as eBay.com and find people selling that stuff at a reasonable price. Or if you happen to have these at home from your grandparents, you can ask for barter or so. There are always ways.   7. Shelves   These are always useful around the house. Storage is their most efficient use and purpose. Tip: Clean up the shelves with either paint or wallpaper.   8. Blankets   One can always find blankets on second-hand stores since these are the most common and essential things you can see. Tip: You can use these items to add some coziness to your home by reupholstering a chair seat or covering a footstool. Just make sure to have these dry cleaned.   9. Trunks, Suitcases & File Cabinets   These are handy objects that can be used again and which can be found at flea markets and thrift shops. Tip: Industrial trunks and storage pieces or vintage suitcases can be cleaned up and used as occasional tables. You can also use them to style a portion of your house such as a vintage themed set-up.   10. Lamps   All a lamp needs is a new shade and good cleaning to make it look brand new. You can clean it and reuse to save you from buying a new one. Tip: If you happen to find a broken lamp at a thrift store, you can always try rewiring and perhaps change the bulb. You can also opt to be more creative on the shade.   11. Rocking Chairs   There are a lot of rocking chairs that you can find on thrift shops and second-hand furniture shops that are still in excellent condition. Tips: Rockers can be used for a child’s room, or your porch, or on a corner that needs a big piece. You can also opt to paint that chair to make it look new.   12. Fabrics   These are good finds especially when you’ve got basic sewing skills, thrift stores will always be the perfect place to look for fabric scraps. Tip: Fabrics found on thrift stores can be used for pillows, napkins, tablecloths, curtains and any other project that you could think of and make use of a stash of mismatched prints. But before doing so, make sure to wash them before using.   13. Baskets   Baskets are decorative items that you can use at home for installation or reuse. They come in various colors and sizes and material. Tip: You can repaint these baskets and make them as containers at home.   14. Carpets   One of the first and easiest things that you can find on thrift shops. They are almost present in every second-hand shop and are very much reusable. Tip: Make sure to have these dry cleaned. You can look for carpets that would suit the feel of your home, or like the colors will match it if you happen to decide on having them.   So these are just some simple and relatable ideas that we can share to you that might help you the next time you go and visit a thrift shop. Have these ideas in mind and better ready your creative juices then!   How about you? Do you have any other things in mind for a DIY project that can be found on thrift shops? Share them away on the comments section below!