Commercial Lot For Sale at Bonifacio Global City

Type : Commercial


Status: FOR SALE

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Bonifacio Global City (also known as BGC, Global City, or The Fort) is the Philippines 21stCentury financial district. From a military training base headquarters to a sprawling retail and lifestyle destinations, commercial hubs, corporate headquarters, cultural and institutional centers, prime residences and network of connected open spaces and parks. BGC masters the art of living by harmonizing a life of action and relaxation, dreambuilding and inspiration. Bonifacio Global City Indicative price for Land good for Hi Rise Construction: $ 15,000 per square meter or CNY 102,000 per square meter 博尼法西奥全球城市(又名BGC,全球城市或堡垒)是菲律宾21世纪的金 融区。 从军事训练基地总部到广阔的零售和生活方式目的地,商业中心,企业总部, 文化和机构中心,主要住宅和连通的开放空间和公园网络。BGC通过协调行动 和放松的生活,梦想和灵感来掌握生活的艺术