Commercial Lots for Sale at Makati City

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Makati is the country’s financial hub. “As host to 46 embassies and 40 consulates, Makati has highly developed foreign transient support institutions. It is the country’s undisputed financial center and commercial hub, being home to the headquarters of 40 percent of the top 1,000 multinational and local corporations. To date, 31% of Information Technology (I.T.) Buildings in Metro Manila are located in Makati. The city has also more than 60,000 establishments that include almost 4,000 banks and finance-related institutions. Makati City indicative price for land good for Hi Rise Development: $USD 11,500 per square meter or CNY 73,000 per square meter 马卡蒂是该国的金融中心。 “作为46个使领馆和40个领事馆的东道国, 马卡蒂高度发展了国外的短暂支 持机构。 这是该国无可争议的金融中心和商业中心, 是全球1000强跨国公司和地方公 司总部的40%。迄今为止, 马尼拉的信息技术(I.T.)建筑物中有31%位于马 卡迪。 全市还有6万多家机构, 其中包括近4000家银行和金融相关机构。 马卡蒂市指定价格为崛起发展的土地:$ 11,500美元每平方米或73,000元每平 方米