About Imperium

My Home is My Castle

The Imperium is the next highly coveted piece of real estate property in Metro Manila. It is a premier address offering only 4 units to a floor. It is a luxurious high rise residential development that exudes sophistication with its simple yet elegant architectural design.

The Imperium is the 2nd residential tower in Capitol Commons. It is a 63-storey high rise luxury residential condominium with 58 residential floors, 226 units and 370 parking lots. It has 3 levels of Podium parking and 5 levels of basement parking, ground level retail and podium level amenity deck.

Unobstructed Views

IMPERIUM is shifted forward to ensure unobstructed views and emphasized its majestic positioning as the “King” of the block, hence its imperial name.

Design Inspiration

In contrast with the Royalton’s sexy and sweeping curves, The Imperium’s architectural design is simple and elegant, made up of clean lines that emphasized its circular form from afar.

A closer look however, gives us a glimpse of its distinct feature that sets The Imperium apart from its counterparts.

Design Feature

  • Unique viewing experience
    • Trapezoidal canted windows, designed to provide an impressive perspective not just of the horizon but of the Capitol Commons park below
    • Benefits
      • Increase illumination and ventilation inside the units
      • Expansive view per individual unit
  • Increased illumination
    • Light Shelf: an architectural element that allows daylight to penetrate into the units by using a surface to bounce the visible light up towards the ceiling and down into the unit space.
    • Benefits
      • Reduces the need for artificial lighting
      • Counteract the harmful glare of direct sunlight and helps in the preservation of furniture inside the units
  • More height and space
    • Beamless Ceiling: Use of flat slab ceiling directly supported by columns.
    • Benefits
      • Increases the net clear ceiling height adding more space into
        the unit

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