Portion of island for sale At Apo island

Type : Residential


Status: FOR SALE

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Total area: 6,990 square meters. Description; Titled property at 6990 sqm. Located on Apo Island, Barangay Bintuan, and Municipality of Coron, Palawan Indicative Price: USD$ 197,500 or CNY 1,304,347.82 -Totally flat so all area can be used. -There is cell phone signal and water source via deep well. (2-3 meter down, previous owner had that) -There is no power on Apo Island , Solar power combined with generator is recommended. -The property is untouched and undeveloped. -There is 30-meter open white sand beach strip but can be widened up and has 100meter beach/water front. -The property is located in a very calm and protected area, -You have the big Sangat Island in the front and the big hill at the back. -Our neighbour (bamboo fence separating) is Majika Island Resort.Sangat Island Resort is just 15 min away. There are lots of mangroves around the island, good for trekking. Almost all of the world war II ship wrecks are just on the other side of Sangat Island, 20 minutes away. The East Tangat Gunboat (WWII wreck) is 5-10 min away with a kayak and it’s a great snorkelling/diving spot. The property is facing west (beachfront) with beautiful sunsets. The property is located approx. 30-45min away from Coron Town with a traditional banka boat (depending on size). When it is middle to high tide it’s less 15 minutes ride via the mangrove trail. You can also take the car to Bintuan (10-15 minutes from Coron) and the boat ride will just be 10-15 min. All other expenses is on buyers behalf like tax etc. 总面积:6990平方米。 描述; 标题为6990平方米的物业。 位于阿波岛,Barangay Bintuan和科隆市,巴拉望岛 指示性价格:197,500美元或1,304,347.82元人民币 - 完全平坦,所有的面积都可以使用。 有深度的手机信号和水源。 (下2-3米,以前的主人有这个) - 阿波岛没有电,建议使用太阳能发电机。 - 该物业未触及,未开发。 - 有30米开阔的白色沙滩地带,但可以加宽,并有100米的沙滩/水面。 - 该物业位于一个非常平静和保护区, - 你前面有一个大的桑加特岛,后面有一座大山。 - 我们的邻居(竹栅栏分离)是Majika岛度假村。Sangat岛度假村距离酒店仅有15分钟的路程。 岛上有很多红树林,适 合徒步旅行。 几乎所有的第二次世界大战沉船都在20分钟路程之外的 桑加特岛的另一边。 东唐古炮艇(第二次世界大战的残骸)是一个皮 划艇5-10分钟,这是一个伟大的浮潜/潜水点。 该物业面向西(海滨) 与美丽的日落。 该物业位于约。 从Coron Town乘30分钟到45分钟,乘 坐传统的银行船(视大小而定)。 在中到高潮的时候,通过红树林小 路不到15分钟。 您也可以坐车到民都(距离科伦10-15分钟),乘船只 需10-15分钟。 所有其他开支代表买家如税等