Real Estate Tips: Managing Pets at Home

We cannot avoid the fact that our furry friends are really one of the cutest beings created and with that, some of us wanted to have them into our own homes. Pets—we love them like family, but let’s face it: we do not want them messing around the house. And if you are buying properties like an Ayala condo unit on real estate developers in the Philippines, you would have to consider these tips to avoid the frustrations of having a pet for a canine-proofed home.


Keep your home clean.

And by that means having to be hands-on with the cleaning aspect of your house. From working quickly on stains to doing the vacuum and minimize dog hairs around. Keep your carpets clean as well. You would not want to see fur scattering around your house, right? Even if its from your pets, you have to consider cleaning because it will reflect on how you manage your time at home and how you’re friends would say about you.

Keep your pets clean too.

Of course, this is a must for every pet owner. Grooming your pets is one of the key responsibilities of keeping one and it is a must that you do this religiously. Manage your pets’ hair by trimming or brushing them properly. You can place an old towel wherever your cat or puppy likes to rest, and regularly shake it outside to remove most of the hair before tossing it in the washing machine. Bathe them once in a while to keep them away from bad odor. It is also normal for our pet friends to salivate but make sure that you keep their mouths clean as well. After walking them, keep their paws clean by cleaning them with a towel and after which your dog can go about its business around the house.

Pets should be housebroken or trained.

One persistent issue for a pet owner living in a house is the skills acquired by his or her pet. It is important that your pet is trained with the basic training skills for you to navigate within the house easier. You can ask a dog trainer to keep up with this or you can teach your pet a few tricks on how it can go around the house, like going out to poop or designating it a spot to do its glorious moments.


Designate a spot and a free time for your pets.

We do not want our cute animals to go off wandering the streets and doing their thing, which is not a good practice. Learn to keep your pets off the thoroughfares by keeping them on a leash. Doing so would make them aware that they can’t just go somewhere else without their master’s permission. But this would also mean not to always over do it. Pets can be too hyperactive and they also need the time and being to do so. Putting them on leash though makes it easier for you to keep them from going astray around the neighborhood. When you are not at home, you can do this or have them stapled on their cage before they start to eat up all your furniture and what else. Or if you have a few trust worthy friends, you can ask them to watch over your furry babies while you are away. And this would also mean that while you are at home, they could do whatever they want, except for the nipping and pooping and peeing part. Well, those are some of the things to keep in mind and to be used to as a pet owner anyway.

Keep your furniture and upholstery safeguarded.

And by doing so would mean choosing furniture that repel hair, resists tearing and can be cleaned easily. Avoid the materials that feel loosely woven or thin and look for high grade and tightly woven terms on labels. This will ensure you that no harm can be afflicted to your precious decors at home to avoid yourself from additional costs. If possible, keep your dogs away from anything that would become an interest for nipping, as this would definitely become a disaster issue. In choosing such home items, it is also important to consider the color of your living room. Consider hues similar to your dog’s hair as well as patterns to camouflage spots. Avoid too much home furnishings that are bound to break as this may cause injury to you and your pets.

Keep your surfaces from puppy and cat scratches.

Have your dog’s nails trimmed regularly. Doing so would save you a lot from the hassle it may bring to your house. Dogs and even cats scratch doors to let your know that they want to go outside or into another room. It is important to cover the area with a resistant sheet as wide as the door and as tall as the space from your floor to your doorknob. You can also provide an alternate way for your dog to signal you, such as jingle a bell hung from the doorknob. Train your pet to a new behavior to avoid scratching on surfaces.

Keep puppy placemats.

This will save you from a lot of work especially when your puppy is dining informally. For easy clean up, a place mat under its bowl will complete the process. You can actually do a DIY place mat for you dog, with its name on it for it to have its sense of ownership, of some sort.


Keep your babies distanced from your pets.

When at home and with the family, sometimes babies and pets are a good combo. But not always for a certain time when your furry friends start to hurt or threaten your kids. By doing so, keep your kids away form your pets not until they have already grasp the idea of having one. It is also important for your kids to learn this behaviour so you can work things out at home with your pets around. Again, training is  considered as an option for your pets to practice this interaction skill.

These are just some simple tips a pet owner should know, especially for starters who are planning to buy Ayala condos or Rockwell townhouses and who are planning to include their lovely pets in their home. With this in mind, you have to consider them in whatever decision you make. It is also important for a pet owner to give way to your pet’s needs and that means changing your routine for some time. After all, cats and dogs are known to be your best friends, for better or for worse.